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Commercial Insurance: Helping Your Business Mitigate Risk

Simon Paston & Sons offers a full range of cost-effective insurance and risk management solutions designed to help your business manage risk. From promising start-ups to the region’s most established enterprises, businesses depend on us to protect them from financial loss. Whatever your business, you can be certain Simon Paston & Sons can customize a first-rate risk management solution to limit your exposures.

Making sure you have the right kind of insurance package for your business can mean the difference between ongoing success and bankruptcy. Whether it’s workers compensation, property, or specialty program insurance, Paston keeps informed of the latest coverage product developments to match your changing needs. We’ll work with you to determine the best protection strategies and deliver you the most cost-effective policies.

Property Insurance

Fire, water damage, and storms can not only destroy your offices and their contents, they can cause major setbacks in time and money and could, in the long run, cost you your business. We provide a suite of products to limit your business exposures. Talk to us about policies that protect your buildings and facilities as well as about policies that cover business interruption, products and completed operations. We can also help you structure non-traditional insurance programs.

Liability Insurance

No matter the size or type of your business Liability insurance is crucial to safeguarding your interests. In today’s marketplace of increased insurance costs and less coverage, let Paston find you the most cost-effective liability options that will deliver you the most protection from business errors and omissions that can put you out of business.

Umbrella/Excess Liability Insurance

Lawsuits may be a common occurrence these days, and your liability claims may be in excess of your coverage. Umbrella coverage gives you added peace of mind while providing additional liability coverage at higher limits. Paston can steer you past the expensive policies to find you the best coverage without a large additional cost. In the long run, the extra protection you purchase benefits you directly as you consider your possible expenses you may incur without it. Excess liability insurance issues can be complex – let Paston’s highly experienced associates deal with the details so you can relax and rest assured.

Commercial Auto Insurance

Your commercial vehicles need the same kind of protection as your personal vehicles. Your specific commercial auto policy, however, has some differences. Without the proper coverage, even one breakdown or driver error could bring your enterprise to a halt. Paston agents can explain all the differences and options, and will tailor your business vehicle coverage according to your auto use (how many vehicles, who are driving them, and whether or not employees use their own vehicles for your business.) Paston’s expertise for the commercial auto programs allows you to benefit from our focus on these unique requirements and classifications. Whether you have a fleet of sales vehicles or one dedicated auto, Paston can provide the coverage that’s right for you.

Workers Compensation

Accidents happen, and you have a legal need for employee coverage even if you consider your workplace safe. Paston can find you the best solutions for covering worker injury payments, lost time, rehabilitation services and death benefits for surviving spouses and dependents. Our agents are up-to-date on the latest state and local jurisdiction laws and make sure you have the right policies for the right times. Benefit from our extensive relationships with leading insurance carrier specialists to customize coverage that provides medical and indemnity payments to your employees.

Statutory Disability

Five states (California, Hawaii, New Jersey, New York, Rhode Island) and Puerto Rico currently require businesses to carry long-term disability insurance for their employees. Details differ by state, and Paston can determine your unique need and type of statutory disability coverage.

Specialty Programs

Real Estate & Property Management

If you own an apartment of condominium building, operate a shopping center or manage commercial property, you need the kind of insurance protection Paston can provide. Residential or commercial, manufacturing or mercantile, our experienced team has the tools to provide you with the right coverage. High risks and special coverage such a building ordinance, rental income and boiler/machinery are needed to properly protect your company. Loss control and quality claims service is a monumental part of our quality risk management program. To arrange a meeting, please contact us.


Paston & Sons has the resources to develop a comprehensive risk management program for you and offers specialized programs that fill the gaps that often exist in standard policies. Wholesale businesses are among the industries where broad coverage programs can leave businesses vulnerable in time of need. To arrange a meeting, please contact us.


Paston & Sons has the resources to develop a comprehensive risk management program for you and offers specialized programs that fill the gaps that often exist in standard policies. Retail businesses are among the industries where broad coverage programs can leave businesses vulnerable in time of need. To arrange a meeting, please contact us.


In manufacturing, exposure to loss can cost you your business. Manufacturers need insurance programs that not only protect them against property and asset losses, but also provide liability coverage and interruption protection. Paston is committed to understanding your manufacturing operation and your insurance needs.

  • Floods
  • Fire
  • Natural Disaster

Whether you manufacture parts for a wholesaler or assemble final products for retail, your operation needs to be open for business. Let our expert underwriters tailor the optimal program so you will be prepared for such events. To arrange a meeting, please contact us.

Liquor Stores

Paston’s expert staff has years of experience in finding the best policies for liquor store owners. Insuring your store against theft, protecting special machinery, covering transit of lottery ticket receipts are just a few of your special needs a Paston agent can help you with. If you are a liquor store owner, Paston can provide the legal liquor policy for free and then go on to cover your store against theft or other coverage you may need. Let Paston keep track of all the variables. To arrange a meeting, please contact us.


Take advantage of Paston’s expertise in garage insurance and avoid the difficulty others experience in finding policies. We specialize in understanding the kinds of risks you undertake providing garage parking: special, general and punitive damage liability for your customer’s errors and negligence. Our ongoing focus on a variety of carriers across the country will provide you the best level of coverage. To arrange a meeting, please contact us.

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